What is A-Day Movies?

A-Day Movies, the National Short Film Festival, originates with the “AdolescenDay” video contest. In order to enhance the talent and passion of the participants and offer opportunities for growth and promotion, A-Day Movies has taken form and become a true spin-off of the main event.

The Festival, divided into two sections (“young” and “not so young”!), has distinguished itself from the very first edition for the high technical level of the contributions, so much so that it has produced works of great reknown on the Italian Short Film scene.

A-Day Movies about

Joint winners of the first edition of A-Day Movies were Giulio Mastromauro with the short Carlo e Clara, and Vito Palmieri with Anna bello sguardo. Just a few days later, the two films were awarded first and third prize respectively at the prestigious David di Donatello web awards.

Thanks to the participation and the victory of Francesco Filippi, who worked with the New York School of Visual Arts to produce Memorial, the second edition has acquired international status.

After the great experience of the third edition, ended with the winning of “Nuvola” by Giulio Mastromauro (adults section) and “Voci” by Luca Dipaolo (youth section), The Short-Film Festival A-Day Movies went international.
Many works, from USA, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, and many renowned artists, competed in the fourth edition, which ended with the assignment of the best short movie award – adults section, to the intense “Teatro” by Ivan Ruiz Flores, while the best short movie award – youth section, went to the moving “Adele” by Giovanni Maione.
Next to these two main prizes, the audience chose to reward the amusing comedy “Il potere dell’oro rosso” (The Power of the Red Gold) by Elena Giogli e Davide Minnella.
Every year A-day Movies grows and improves itself with several innovations, including the award for the best director, the best story (which the jury assigned to the short movie taking off from the most original cinematographic idea), the prize for the best actor/actress (without gender distinction) the book trailer section and the web section.
A-day Movies lives thanks to the commitment and the energies of a group of passionate and qualified young people who believes in the power of the seventh art, and looks at movies as a way to spread the culture, the communication between generations and the personal growth.

No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul.
(Ingrid Bergman)

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